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A New Level of Fitness

Dave and Evelyn
June 1, 2024

Dave Lenio’s return to La Crosse in 2019, with dreams of hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021, took an unexpected turn when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Dave, unsure of what to do with a change of employment and uncertainty about hiking the AT, found himself seeking fitness at the YMCA. Starting with swimming laps, Dave’s journey expanded as he sought more than just a swim.

Dealing with low back pain and fears of reinjury, Dave hesitated with weightlifting. His desire to do something more but with guidance and support led him to consult a friend who “knew someone great at the Y”. Enter Personal Trainer Evelyn.

Evelyn’s approach was transformative. She assessed Dave’s fitness level and uncovered challenges, notably his back issues. In less than a year, Dave’s wellness journey marked a significant turning point. He not only conquered his fear of back spasms, which had previously sidelined him for days, but he also developed a new level of fitness. The important role Evelyn played in his transformation was evident, not just as a trainer but as a positive and encouraging mentor.

Now, as Dave stands ready to begin his Appalachian Trail adventure, he feels confident. The fears of severe back pain have almost disappeared since working with Evelyn. He acknowledges that this is just the beginning of his fitness journey. His only regret- not starting earlier.