Warm Pool Details:

Free with your membership! No sign-up, just check the schedule below.

To get to it, come through the lockers, behind the slide, and through the glass door. Currently available for Open Exercise and Family Swim.

Open Exercise:

Adult Individual Exercise is for adults only. Water weights are available for use during this time.

Family Swim

Family Swim is for children 6 years of age and under only with a parent or guardian. If the parent/guardian has more than one child with them, the other child(ren) must have a lifejacket, puddle jumper or non-inflatable flotation device on them. Parent/guardian must be within arms reach of their child. No jumping allowed.


Gentle Water Movement:

This is a low-impact and low-intensity class that is held in our Warm Pool at the Houser Y (in Onalaska). The class incorporates gentle exercises that focus on range of motion, balance, and stretching. Participants who might be a good fit for this class include those with physical limitations, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. Registration is required.